It's running!

Congratulations, you successfully deployed an application (domain-test) to your dedicated environment (less-ecs) using Web+.

Depending on how you deploy it, please follow Next Steps, or read the rest sections of this page to learn more about Web+.

Next Steps

  1. Ensure that you're under alibabacloud-webplus-demo-java directory, which is cloned from
  2. Run the following commands:
    $ git checkout next-step
    $ mvn clean package
    $ wpctl deploy
  3. Refresh this page.
  1. Download a new version of this application from here.
  2. Navigate to environment overview page.
  3. Click Deploy button to open Deploy Environment page.
  4. Upload the package you just downloaded via Deploy Environment page.
  5. Click OK button to deploy the new version.
  6. Refresh this page.


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